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Now offering one on one consultative sessions. Reach out to me for pricing and package options.

What can I help with?


  • Basic Fertility like temperature charting or using ovulation predictor kits.
  • Understanding testing available and what to ask at your doctor’s appointment.
  • Identifying when it is the right time to seek opinions of specialists and what traits are important to you in a clinic or physician.
  • Understanding treatments being offered and assisting in formulating questions for your providers.
  • Listening and holding your hand as you walk through this highly emotional journey. You never need to feel alone.

Also available to talk about pregnancy, breastfeeding and other parenting topics covered in my blog.

Reach me at or use the form below:

What People Say

I have a healthy and happy 2 year old thanks to all the help Amanda gave me in understanding options and formulating questions so I was able to advocate for myself

Sarah B.

I still remember the day I found Amanda’s group which was a game changer for me. I learned so much about protocols, high FSH/DOR, and how tbe my own advocate. I took her supplements for months and became pregnant about 8 months after finding the group. A Amanda is honest, practical and doesn’t sugar coat. She provided me hope, knowledge and a pathway forward.

Amanda T.

I was sad, defeated and hopeless when I found Amanda and her group. She inspired me to take control of what I could and let go of what I couldn’t. I had my first baby from IVF and then a natural baby 2 years later. Can’t thank her enough for all her insight and inspiration.

Suhair K.


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