Fertility and Mommyhood


The last 8 years of my life have been consumed with babies. From struggling to conceive to multiple losses, to finally carrying to term and bringing a son home, and eventually a second son, I have learned so much. There is just so so much I wish I had known before I found it out! I am sure many can relate. I am starting this blog as a hope to help others facing struggles, whether it be with getting the second pink line on a test, getting a baby to latch to feed or what to do when your three year old won’t listen. (That’s a joke, I have no idea how to get my three year old to listen!)

In 2015 I started a Facebook group for women like me who struggled with high FSH. In 2016 I started another group for mothers over 40 raising babies. I currently admin groups for women with low amh and DOR and also for anyone over 35 who is trying to conceive. I find myself often repeating the same advice or encouragement in these groups, as well as many others of which I am a member, and am hopeful this blog will help others in some way.

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