Breast pumps

What I wish I had known before having to order my insurance provided breastpump.

  • You may or may not respond well to any particular pump.
  • Spectra and Medela are the most popular home pumps, which can mean it may be easier to find parts locally for them.
  • A battery is wonderful. Even if you are home with baby, being able to move around and pump in different areas without finding a plug is huge. I pumped in the car, airports, everywhere. If it is an update for a small amount of money, definitely consider it.
  • Parts can be provided through your insurance. I honestly didn’t know this till towards the end of my breastfeeding journey so never got to take advantage. Not sure how to get the process going, but worth it to enquire.
  • Your baby will be more efficient than a pump at transferring milk. If your milk supply seems low from pumping, don’t assume your baby isn’t getting enough.
  • Fancy bags designed for pumps are nice but I found it most helpful to have simple stuff, a bag large enough to include my pump, extra parts in a Ziploc, and an insulated lunch bag and the hardsided ice packs.
  • Breast Milk Soap – one of my favorite products. Makes cleaning parts so much easier.
  • You can ask for a pump while in the hospital. Some say wait till your supply is established, but both my kids spent a little time in NICU and I wasn’t able to latch as often. They will provide you a hospital grade pump and parts and you can likely rent that pump from your hospital or local pharmacies if you prefer.

I liked the Medela Symphony rental and also my Spectra S1. What pumps did you love and what other advice do you have?

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