Favorite Products for TTC

Here are some of my favorite products for TTC

I must have used over a thousand tests, both ovulation and pregnancy tests. I tried every brand out there and I found over time I preferred Wondfo. They are simple, straightforward and accurate. They are also a great price. There are some copycat versions out there but you want the genuine thing. You can get the real ones at the link below:

Some people prefer the digital ovulation and pregnancy tests. The ovulation tests make it super clear whether or not you are at peak, there is no evaluating color. The general instructions on how to do OPKs is a little different with some digital ones as they measure both estradiol and LH, so instead of testing once or twice in the afternoon, you test only one time a day in the morning. Pay attention to the instructions. The pregnancy tests are also very straightforward but they do require higher levels of HCG to get a positive so keep that in mind you early testers! Below are links to my favorites in the digital category.

Let’s talk lube. You may not need any, but there are some that claim they help sperm swim. If you have any issues with not enough cervical mucus, it doesn’t hurt to try one of the following. Remember, many lubes kill sperm. I know some people have used regular egg whites or coconut oil. That sounds messy to me. I would buy the stuff in a tube with an applicator.

I will disclose that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I am not recommending these for that reason, rather these items were my favorites, and I used a ton, during my 8 year TTC journey. If only I had a dime for every pregnancy test I took!

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