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A book that many of you may have heard of already is It Starts with the Egg. I remember reading this book on my kindle over a vacation after having a few early miscarriages. I was super intrigued and also a little upset that no doctor at my first clinic had ever mentioned anything about diet or supplements or anything that I could control in this process that is wildly out of your control. In fact, this was a pivotal part of my decision to seek a second opinion and find the wonderful doctor who helped me have success.

The book is exceptional in that it lays out all the current data. Important to note that Rebecca Fett also updated it recently, so even though I read it several years ago, if you purchase it today, it will be an updated version referencing more recent available data. She lays out the studies and explains what they mean in easy to follow dialog. She explains what you really need to understand about egg quality, goes through the dangers of BPA and other toxins that are present in our environment, and lays out general obstacles to pregnancy.

Next she helps her readers understand what supplements are available and what data there is and isn’t to support them. She goes into diet suggestions, sperm quality and creating an action plan for how to get in the best possible shape to find a good egg.

I took the book for what it is, a fantastic resource to help me make informed decisions. I used it as a springboard to my own research. That being said, you wouldn’t have to, you could if you are not the research and study reading type, just follow the suggestions and already be well on your way to being in optimal shape to give yourself the best chance at finding a good egg.

I didn’t follow her recommendations completely. For example, I did take Royal Jelly, as I knew I wasn’t allergic and I read anecdotal stories of it helping. I put it into the category of “may help, won’t hurt.” I also took L-Arginine, though in doses smaller than the studies I read and I agree with her completely that there isn’t enough data to really know if it does help. I also didn’t cut out all of my products. I was living in New York City and in the summer I really couldn’t depend on natural deodorants. You get it, right? I did however take a good look at the products I put on and in my body daily and made good effort to lessen my exposure to phthalates. I stopped using canned food and drinking from water bottles.

Basically, I considered the possibility that I wouldn’t have success and thought about what I would blame myself for should that happen. I felt confident enough that if I chose to wear my favorite nail polish for a big night out and then never had a baby, I wouldn’t hate myself and blame the nail polish. Would I feel bad if I never tried supplements that have medical data to back them up and then didn’t have success, absolutely. I think that is truly the best way to think about it. We have to live. I needed a balance between doing everything possible to get pregnant and feeling like a living, pretty, healthy, normal person.

One last point, Rebecca Fett has a Facebook group. That’s a nice touch. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2217875998431371/

You can buy the book at Amazon:

It Starts with the Egg: How the Science of Egg Quality Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally, Prevent Miscarriage, and Improve Your Odds in IVF

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